CRHP Science Center -  Jamkhed, India


The goal of the CRHP Science Center is to support hands-on, active science and technology learning for secondary school students.  The Center promotes interest in science, math, and technology by connecting traditional classroom learning with practical lab applications.  School children perform simple experiments under teacher supervision.  Creative thinking and problem solving skills are encouraged.  

When we visited in October 2013, the Science Center was still in the initial stage of development.  Dr. Martin Kamala, from Elon University in the US was spearheading the project.  We toured the building, which housed 4 science laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Technology.  A 5th standard class was busy working on a variety of experiments.  The enthusiasm was palpable. Outside, a special playground was under construction; each piece of equipment was built to illustrate one of the fundamental principles of physics. 

By our second visit in July 2014, the Science Center had made great progress.  A summer enrichment program had been implemented for students from 11 and 12 standard.  Workshops for science and math teachers were also being routinely conducted.  The MPH and Medical School students had fun trying to answer the clicker quiz questions.