February 2017 Natalie's Lumbini Project Update

February 2017 Lumbini Project Updates



It doesn’t take a while to notice that the students at Karuna Girls College are very passionate about music and arts. Lumbini Social Service Foundation volunteers, Vanessa and Olivia spent much time teaching the students about music and essentially helped them fall in love with it. During the first week of February a few students came up with the idea of teaching guitar to other students who are interested. Since there isn’t a permanent music teacher at the moment this is a way for them to continue playing on their own and share their knowledge with others. Other students who are more interested in art spend their morning free drawing and painting.

But surprisingly the following week a new temporary guitar teacher came to the afternoon music class. Barun Sawhney is a medical student from Lumbini and studies in Bhairawa. He had a few weeks off and heard about the KGS music program through the school’s principal. Throughout his time with us he has taught over twenty students from four different grades. He is currently teaching the class a Nepali song called ‘Jaha Chan Buddha Ka Aankha’ which translates to ‘Where Buddha’s Eyes Are’. The students are preparing to perform the song next month. 

On February 16 a group of LSSF volunteers took a trip to the district of Kapilavastu in search for a school where Anatta’s next medical clinic could be held. Most of the villages in Kapilavastu are some of the poorest in Nepal. The families here do not have access to health care and most times live their lives without a single medical checkup. The next medical clinic here will be Anatta’s first in the district. Previous medical clinics were held in the neighboring district of Rupandehi in Punnihawa.