Earthquake Rebuilding Progress in Dadagaun Village

Dadagaun Village, in the hills above the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, suffered significant damage in the April and May 2015 earthquakes. Anatta and many others have been supporting rebuilding efforts, but progress has been very slow.  Build Up Nepal has initiated a 16 day brick building training course for 10 of the most committed Dadagaun villagers.  The hope is that the skills acquired in training will generalize to get the entire local community up to speed.  

One of the disaster relief efforts many of us supported here post-earthquake was to import compressed earth brick making machines from China, largely orchestrated through our friend Steve Webster of Shivapuri Cottages (see Partners and Friends).  The early stage brick making process revealed the need for greater expertise in order to mix correct amounts of earth, sand and cement for earthquake-resistant brick strength.  Build Up Nepal is now providing that expertise.  Once government approval is obtained, the villagers should be able to access additional rebuilding grant funds.

Saru Tamang provides on-site photos

Saru Tamang also shared photos of Dadagaun villagers finally rebuilding from 2015 earthquake damage after receiving the long awaited first installment of government funds.  Shown below are " Houses  #30, #16, #32, #42 and #51".  Thank you SO much to all who helped; as you can see there remains much to be done.