December 2016 Report from Lumbini

Natalie Hernandez is back with her monthly update.  Read on and be inspired!

On December 8th Metta School and LSSF volunteers begun the first of many trash cleanups in Lumbini. Students from classes 5-8 spent the afternoon picking up litter from around the Central Canal and outside numerous monasteries. Although Lumbini is a beautiful place, it is unfortunately covered by lots of rubbish. Littering is a norm here, even in the World Heritage Site. It is crucial to inform and educate the children of Lumbini on the importance of taking care of their environment. While participating in regular cleanups they will understand and see what a difference a clean ambience makes.
Following on the 12th of December, the first ever LSSF Data Collection was carried out at Metta School. Volunteers and teachers were trained to assist in the collection of student and household information for classes 5-8 (Phase I). The goal for this collection is to gain a clearer understanding of students and their families to better serve them and their community. With the data collected we can form accurate statistics on education, health history, child marriage and more. This collection will be carried out in Karuna Girls School and as well as Punnihawa School.
Metta School is looking beautiful as ever! Students have been creating amazing paintings on the walls of their classrooms, from flowers to birds and more. Young artist Sunil Harijan has been coming every Saturday morning to put his passion to work. Check out his latest painting on the class 6 wall.