March 2017 Natalie's Final Blog from Nepal

My last full month in Lumbini was an eventful one! Although it was a time to finish working on current projects, Nepal’s calendar had great holidays and events in store for us throughout the whole month.


The collection continues… So far we have collected student, household and health history information from over 300 students in the 3 local schools. With this information we’ve recorded that the students come from 61 different villages in the region and are part of nearly 80 different castes. In the upcoming school year the data collection will still be in process and will be led by LSSF members Dharmendra and Sudharma.

punnihawa boys.jpg
punnihawa girls.jpg


HOLI FESTIVAL 2073 (Nepali year)

This famous holiday celebrated in India and Nepal celebrates the good over evil.



The mural project is almost complete! With end of year exams, the students at Karuna Girls College have been very busy preparing. But will continue as soon as the new school year commences. This is the first student led art project at KGS but will definitely not be the last. The girls are already planning to create more around the school.



As I’m typing this final Lumbini update, I can’t believe six months have already passed. Life in Nepal can feel very strange. Almost as if I’m living in a different world. The experiences and emotions will be remembered and felt for lifetimes.