Re-construction Update from Dadagaun Village

Early in 2017, the slow pace of earthquake re-construction got a boost from the Build Up Nepal organization who began a brick making training program for the Dadagaun villagers.  Saru Tamang has graciously provided updates to all the sponsoring organizations, including Anatta.  We are happy to share her photos documenting the progress.

Old House Demolition:

Brick Making and Reconstruction:

Sponsor Funding Distribution and Village Roadway Construction:

Recognition for Women Brick Makers:

Saru Tamang Reports:  "On May 7th, 2017 a foreign social development student visiting from England, doing independent research on women's roles in rural post-earthquake reconstructions projects along with Sabrina Dongol from Build Up Nepal visited Dadagaun. They interviewed the women who had taken part on making bricks. I have shared some pictures below please have a look."

The Latest Developments - June 2017:

Saru Tamang reports: "Two of the earth brick houses have been completed and the people have started living on them. I have shared some of the pictures below please have a look. Thank you."